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Automotivation / Woodworking

Automotivation / Woodworking is run by 2 wounded Veterans and includes teaching wood working, welding and working on vehicles. We also attend a variety of car shows and motorcycle rallies. This program provides opportunities to learn new skills while working on your fine motor and gross motor rehabilitation in a non-clinical setting. Two projects the guys have completed include a 1966 Cobra Kit car as well as the restoration and modification of a 1954 Dodge Power Wagon that was used as a Weapons Carrier by the Army. Participants in woodworking have built a variety of items such as: shadow boxes, coin boxes, bird houses, wooden pens, and different gifts for friends and families


Thank you to Dan Kruse Classics for helping to sell the 2011 Lonestar 1965 replica 427 Cobra we have had in our possession for quite awhile now. Thank you to Mary Warren for asking us to sell it & put the proceeds back into Operation Comfort.

This 427 replica was assembled by wounded, service members who have been recovering at Brooke Army Medical Center. The build itself was started in 2011. We had a few set backs here & there along with having to relocate our program facility, but the task at hand was seen through to its end. Once these service men & women put their minds to something they see it through. They didn’t allow a disability to get in the way of their goal.

The Cobra is powered by a 351 Windsor, has a T-5 4 speed transmission, power steering, power brakes & Boyd Coddington wheels. It will be going up for auction on March 18-20. For more information on the auction itself please go to www.dankruseclassics.com. To see more pictures of the Cobra please feel free to click here.




Returning veterans face a tough job market back home – tougher still when they are physically disadvantaged. The AutoMotivation program was started for the reason of helping returning vets gain skills and confidence to move on with their lives. They sacrificed to keep us safe. Help them get the opportunity they deserve by making a donation today.

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