4 2013

Vietnam Veteran Honor Ride
Ride Vietnam 2014

To watch our Ride Vietnam Video “Click Here”

Our ride is over, but not our efforts.  We will be raising funds until the end of 2014 to send Vietnam Veterans back to Vietnam who have always wanted to return but do not have the means.  So far, we have raised enough funds to send twenty seven Vietnam Veterans back.  We have met many Vietnam Veterans along the way who have expressed the desire to return to Vietnam and have taken down their names and contact information.  We have made contact with them letting them know that we have raised the funds for their return and they are very appreciative of our efforts.  With more funds available we can send more Vietnam Veterans back with Vietnam Battlefield Tours in 2015.

Ride Vietnam was a tough bicycle ride.  We rode Hi Van Pass on the first day and it was tough but day two and day three, riding the Au Shau and Da Krong Valleys were even more difficult.  We continually reminded ourselves of our Vietnam Veterans who fought and lived in the jungles for a year or more.

We held a Memorial service in Khe Sanh for those who fought and died.  It was a very moving experience.

We hope to have pictures of those we are sending back up soon, so stay tuned.

Please help send Vietnam Veterans back by donating by way of PayPal or by sending in a check to Operation Comfort and in the memo put Ride Vietnam.

Thank you for your support and your efforts in helping us accomplish our goal.

Janis Roznowski

Founder and Executive Director