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Sled Hockey

Introducing the San Antonio Rampage Sled Hockey Team (The first sled hockey team in the United States comprised of wounded service members):

The Rampage sled hockey team is currently in it’s 10th season as a team. They have 2 League Championships and 2 second place finishes at the National Championships. The Rampage Sled Hockey team are very proud to have had 3 National Team members who represented the Gold Medal winning Team USA in the 2014 Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

History of Our Team

Operation Comfort started a sled hockey team in 2007 after realizing that our amputees wanted to play a full contact sport. So with the help of the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Assn. and the Air Warrior Courage Foundation we raised the money for twenty sleds. We were fortunate to have Lonnie Hannah, a Paralympic Gold and Bronze Medal winner move into the San Antonio area where he happily accepted the role of our coach. The San Antonio Rampage Hockey Team was kind enough to adopt us and supply us with hockey gear. The Ice and Golf Center at Northwoods donated ice time to us and after five or six months of practicing we were on the tournament road. We have played tournaments in Chicago, Boston, Park City, Buffalo, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Minnesota, St. Louis, Denver and Philadelphia.

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