Love the water? Us too!

Swimming and water workouts are aquatic activities we offer Veterans and family members. These are great options for low impact, total body workouts.


Aquatic Instructors include

Coach Todd Erickson

Retired Air Force LtCol- a certified Lifeguard, Level 2 United States Masters Swimming (USMS) Coach, Total Immersion Master Coach and American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) Level 4 Coach

Coach Allison LaField

Member of the MOST Swim Team for past 15 years. USMS Level 3 Coaching Designation, Coach for NEISD and for Colonies North Summer Swim Team. Teaches privates lessons and specializes in Adult Learn to Swim.

Coach Ben Kvanli

2 time Olympic kayaker (1992 and 1996), owner of Olympic Outdoor Center, and 15+ years experience teaching paddling to people with disabilities

People report enjoying water-based exercise more than exercising on land. They can also exercise longer in water than on land without increased effort or joint or muscle pain. Water based exercise can help people with chronic diseases (