10 2014

And the Winner of our 1965 Cobra Kit Car is…

Congratulations to MARY WARREN as she is the winner of this beauty!!  She just happens to be our BIGGEST sled hockey fan, as she travels to all of our tournaments around the US and even went to Sochi, Russia to support our three players on the Paralympic team!  There were a lot of lessons learned with this project, some good, some bad, but the goal to finish it was set and accomplished! We would like to thank everyone who was involved with this project whether it was through donations, sponsorship, or just help in general! We would especially like to thank every service member who has taken part in this build since day one. Without the will and drive you all showed this goal would never have become a reality! Thank you to everyone!


IMG_9544 IMG_9526 IMG_9503 IMG_9498 IMG_9495